Contest: Chance to Win

Posted on February 10, 2010

See if you can answer this story problem. You may use a calculator.

You find one cat hanging around your porch, and you begin to feed her. In March, she has four very cute kittens. An average female cat will have two to three litters of four kittens a year. If your outside cat has three litters, how many cats will be in your yard by December?

Cats can conceive when they are four months old. Gestation is 60 days. Half of the kittens are female and become pregnant. Now, how many cats will be in your yard by September?

But wait! Cats can conceive while they are nursing their first kittens. Half of the kittens are female. Those March kittens may produce a second litter before winter comes. If they do, how many cats will be in your yard in next January?

Email us with the correct answer and your name and address. If you are one of the first five contestants with the right answer, you will win a $10 gift certificate to PetSmart and one feral cat spay/neuter voucher!

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