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At the heart of Triple R Pets is our volunteers.  As an all-volunteer group, no person helping to support our rescue efforts receives a salary.  It is the dozens of volunteers that work tirelessly to help the animals and the people who love them, that truly make Triple R Pets what it is.

Triple R Pets was founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina as a way for volunteers on the Gulf Coast to come together and do some really good work reuniting animals with their owners, finding homes for animals who could no longer remain with their owners, and helping owners rebuild their lives.

As we wrapped up our time on the coast, we turned our attention to “disaster on the home front,” focusing on Trap-Neuter-Return efforts in the chicagoland area.  That was nearly fifteen years ago.  Today, we continue those efforts, working across the South / Southwest areas of Cook County and expanding outside Cook County and even into Indiana!


Board of Directors

Judy Clark

President and Executive Director


Ms. Clark, in blue, discussing the situation in Biloxi, MS with President Bush. L-R: Kim Bill, a local volunteer, Ben Waldman, Judy Clark, President Bush

Ms. Clark has spent several years working within various animal shelters in the Chicagoland area, as well as providing web site design and maintenance for several area shelters. In addition, Ms. Clark has been active in the support and rehabilitation of animals through fostering programs.

For three years Ms. Clark ran a not-for-profit youth soccer club in the Chicagoland area with annual revenues of over $500,000 and a staff of over twenty. As the Club Manager and Treasurer, Ms. Clark prepared all financial statements and oversaw the day to day operations of the organization.

In the business world, Ms. Clark has spent nearly thirty years in Consumer Goods industry working for such companies as Keebler, Kelloggs and TreeHouse Foods and successfully ran a boutique consulting business for four years.  She currently serves as the CEO for Fresh From Texas.

Duties: Ms. Clark serves as the President and Executive Director of Triple R Pets and as such guides the organization’s direction and efforts across all facets of outreach. Ms. Clark maintains the organization’s financial books, grant-writing programs and is instrumental in communication with outside organizations.


Kim Bill

Resource Director


Kim Bill, on a transport with a very large Great Dane!

Kim Bill has been active in a number of not-for-profit organizations over the last twelve years, including being a licensed foster parent for Lutheran Social Services, serving as a board member for Tazewell-Woodford County Head Start, and acting as a parent representative and board member for a NAHRA horse therapy program.

As the parent representative of Central Illinois Riding Therapy, Ms. Bill was awarded the 2005 Parent of the Year Award for over 300 hours of volunteer service. Ms. Bill holds a Master’s degree in Education from Illinois State University. She taught and consulted in Peoria County for seventeen years before retiring to care for her four adopted children.

Duties: In her official position as a Resource Director for Triple R Pets, it is Ms. Bill’s responsibility build networks of supply and distribution point contacts. Through her efforts, Triple R Pets has contributed countless pounds of food to shelters and families in need. Ms. Bill directs the on-going program in Illinois which distributes food on a monthly basis to 501c3 shelter and humane organizations. In the time Ms. Bill has been involved with Triple R Pets, she has fostered several dogs, delivered food / supplies to disaster regions, transported animals from Mississippi to Illinois, and assisted in public relations.


Collette Walker



Collette Walker, getting or giving a hug to a rescue pup?

Ms. Walker has been active in community relations for thirty-two years as a community college professor of English; before and after retirement, she has worked with several animal shelters in the extended Chicago area.  Ms. Walker is sole owner of a retail business, which solicits commissions for residential and commercial architectural stained glass panels.  Ms. Walker designs, constructs and installs the art glass panels.  She is solely responsible for sales and accounting, client relations, and product quality.

Ms. Walker’s contributions to animal shelters include public relations, communications coordination, design graphics, staffing organization, and hands on work with the animals.

Duties: Ms. Walker serves as Secretary and Communications Coordinator for Triple R Pets. In addition, Ms. Walker spearheads our TNR Programs currently in place across Chicagoland’s south and southwest suburbs.


Ben Waldman

Board Member


Ben Waldman, calming a pup during a free nail-clipping and dog wash event.

Ben Waldman has been involved in animal care for over fifteen years, beginning as a volunteer with a cat shelter.

In January of 2006 Mr. Waldman moved to Biloxi, MS to head up the Triple R Pets Gulf Coast Relief Program. In this capacity, Mr. Waldman managed more then one hundred volunteers who went to Mississippi to assist with our efforts over a one year period of time.  Before leaving Mississippi, Mr. Waldman had recruited and fully trained a replacement volunteer.  In addition to his direct role with the animals along the coast, Mr. Waldman built solid relationships with other volunteer organizations and became a respected member of the community.

In December of 2008, Mr. Waldman spent a month in Haiti providing hurricane relief efforts in Gonaives, Haiti.

Following the devastating earthquake in January, 2010, Mr. Waldman again returned to Haiti.  This time, he spent a year living and volunteering in Leogane, Haiti.  His focus was on providing sustainable eco-friendly sanitation for the Haitians.  While not working in affiliation with Triple R Pets on this project, but with All Hands Disaster Response (www.hands.org), Mr. Waldman was always keeping an eye out for animals that need assistance!  And then in 2012, Mr. Waldman headed to Rockaway Beach following Superstorm Sandy to help support the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Mr. Waldman holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver and lives and works in Denver, Colorado.  Using the skills he acquired over many years of disaster response rebuilding, Ben is a co-owner of Living Craft Design-Build, specializing in Natural Building throughout Denver and the Front Range.

Duties: Mr. Waldman is a lead resource for initial disaster response projects. During non-crisis times, Mr. Waldman has taken over management of the Triple R Pets web site as well as continuing to provide assistance driving transports, assisting with TNR efforts and fund-raising projects.


Kristen Kernan

Board Member


Ms. Kernan has been an animal welfare advocate for several years. Beginning in high school she used her leadership position on Student Council to raise awareness of animal cruelty and pet overpopulation.Ms. Kernan deployed to the Gulf Coast in August 2006 and assumed the lead role in our Gulf Coast Project in November of 2006. Developing and managing a TNR program has been a critical project that Ms. Kernan successfully implemented. In addition, Ms. Kernan also developed and implemented an educational program on evacuation and disaster awareness. In December 2007, Ms. Kernan ended her active deployment on the Gulf Coast to complete her studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  Ms. Kernan currently resides in kristenArvada, Colorado.

Duties: Ms. Kernan is a lead resource for initial disaster response projects. During non-crisis times, she is involved with fund-raising and marketing as well as transport/TNR projects.

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