Current TNR Programs

Within Cook County, Illinois

In November 2007, Cook County, Illinois passed the Cook County Managed Care of Feral Cats Ordinance. This ordinance provides legal protection for feral cats and feral cat caretakers who are in compliance with the ordinance.

To register ferals under the Cook County Ordinance and receive the protection afforded to you and the cats, you will need to work with a Sponsor Agency, such as Triple R Pets.  If you choose to work through Triple R Pets, the following applies:

  1. Participate in a TNR effort to spay/neuter, ear-tip, vaccinate for rabies, and microchip every feral cat in your colony.  Complete the Request for TNR Assistance Form to get started.
  2. Attend a TNR Workshop with Triple R Pets.  You can find a calendar here.
  3. Trap and transport your colony cats to a low-cost spay/neuter clinic.  You can find a list here.
  4. Continue to provide food, water and, if feasible, shelter for the feral cats and abide by the Caretaker Agreement.

If you live outside our geographic area or wish to work with another Sponsor Agency.  You can check out our list of other TNR Sponsors working under the Feral Cat Ordinance in Cook County.

For your convenience, we have a page that lists TNR Organizations in Cook County and surrounding areas.  Please click here for the page.

Triple R Pets’ Studies and Reports on the Success of TNR Efforts in Chicagoland

2008 Cook County Managed Care of Feral Cats Ordinance: Sponsors Update

2009 A Case Study of the Effectiveness of TNR on a Feral Cat Colony

2009 Feral Cat Colony Caretaker Survey Results

2010 Feral Cat Colony Caretaker Survey Results: Oak Forest, Illinois

2014 Cook County Feral Ordinance 2013 Annual Report

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